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Biographical Information

Queen of Bones







Character Information

Bolo (Bodyguard)

  • Queen
  • Witch
  • Wielder of the Witchblade
Real World Information

The succubus known as Zara was a powerful and feared warrior queen in 4th Century England as well as a wielder of the Witchblade. Born of a human and a demon, her heritage endowed her with the gift of witchcraft with which she conquered her enemies and dominated her subordinates.

Personality Edit

Zara was an arrogant and unbroken woman; very much aware of her power and taking great pride in her queendom. As a succubus, she was quite promiscuous; casually sleeping with various, expendable soldiers in her own army while also enjoying a romance with her hired bodyguard Bolo.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Soul Consumption: As a succubus, Zara could feed upon the life-force of a victim through sexual intercourse. This would strengthen her body as well as heal her wounds and prologue her lifespan. For her victims, it would induce unbearable pleasure before reducing them to dust and bones upon climax.
    • Longevity: As a demon's daughter, Zara was naturally endowed with a generous lifespan; effectively being half-immortal. She sustained this longevity by devouring souls; adding their remaining years unto her life and preserving her youth. She could've theoretically lived indefinitely if fed.
    • Enhanced Strength: Due to her infernal heredity, Zara naturally exhibited a degree of inhuman strength; able to quickly best several well-trained and experienced soldiers in battle while well-fed as well as kill any one human easily. While not a powerhouse, Zara was always confident in her prowess.
    • Accelerated Healing: Being half-human, Zara was still a woman of mortal flesh and bones and thus could be injured or even potentially slain if grievously wounded. By devouring souls, Zara tapped into her demon heritage; healing her injuries almost instantaneously and keeping her healthy and vigorous.
  • Witchblade: The Witchblade chose Zara as its wielder under unrevealed circumstances. Like all users, Zara used her symbiosis with the weapon the further her own well-being; to protect herself in battle and augment her own inherent abilities in the pursuit of her agenda as the Queen of Bones.
    • Mystical Body Armor: The Witchblade formed around Zara as a horned armor reminiscent of a bull; with large curved horns sprouting from her head. This was possibly the influence her dark blood had on the weapon. In this form, her own enhanced strength is augmented further; making her nigh-unstoppable.

Abilities Edit

  • Intimidation: Zara was a fearless warrior, possessed of both great brawn as well as the gifts of witchcraft and the power of the Witchblade. Even without her weapons and sorcery, Zara's presence instilled great fear in those commoners who behold her in battle. Greater men were cautious of her.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Sword of Lucifer: Being half-demon, the Sword of Lucifer - being endowed with a sizable portion of the archangel's powers - could very have slain her; or at least caused her debilitating wounds that would've taken time and energy to heal. Given its source, the Sword could very well have ended her.