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Leader of Yuen

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Vol. 2 Issue 10

"I am Mr. Yuen. I am... you might call me... a caretaker."
Yuen to Jackie upon their first meeting. [src]

Yuen was the leader of a criminal organization of the same name that appears in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

At some point Yuen gain the leadership of the organization and lead it as he saw it fit.

Meeting with Jackie Edit

Yuen is present when Cheng comes to Hong Kong bearing the message from Jackie Estacado. Yuen then orders his hitman, Kuo to kill Cheng. The hitman then proceeds to kill Cheng by using supernatural powers.

When Jackie arrives to Hong Kong, Kuo captures and brings him to Yuen. Yuen gives Jackie an offer, give the control of Franchetti family and all his holdings to him and Yuen will leave him alive and while also giving Jackie a job in the organization. Jackie turns down the offer and lets out the Darklings, but Yuen opens curtains, revealing that its morning. Kuo then attacks Jackie by summoning spectral dragons. Jackie powerless, jumps out through the window.

As Jackie falls to the ground, Darklings appear and carry him away to safety. Yuen sends his men with Kuo to find and execute Jackie before nightfall.

When nightfall comes, Kuo informs Yuen that over a hundred men have come to defend him in his secret mansion. Yuen is annoyed by the fact that Kuo failed to kill Jackie until nightfall. Kuo apologises and goes to inspect the grounds.

Fate Edit

Yuen greets Kuo thinking that he killed Jackie, only to be revealed that it's Jackie wearing Kuo's suit. He quickly kills the guards and points a gun at Yuen's head. Realizing his defeat, Yuen lets Jackie to kill him.

Personality Edit

Yuen was cold, calculated and put business above everything else. He saw himself as a caretaker of the organization. While he decides to kill Jackie, Yuen expresses that he does it not out of personal grudge, but because otherwise their organization will look weak if they do not react to him killing their men. He didn't tolerate failures and would easily dispatch those that do somehow failed him. After Jackie kills all of his men, Yuen gains respect for him and even doesn't resist to Jackie killing him. In his final words Yuen tells Jackie to lead in his example and be a man of honor.

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