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The Darkness\Wolverine "Old Wounds"

Wolverine AKA James"Logan"Howlett is a member of the X-Men from Marvel Comics. He is an mutant (a human born with special powers). He has a healing factor, enhanced animal senses and razor sharp Adamantium claws which his skeleton is also coated in. In the Darkness crossover he fights Jackie Estacado and in an another crossover ends up marrying Sara Pezzini.

Biography Edit

Origins Edit

James Howlett was born in the late 1880s to John and Elizabeth Howlett. He was a sickly child who the family brought in a young girl named Rose to act as Logan's friend, his only other friend was the dog, son of the family's groundskeeper after Thomas was fired for nearly leading to James drowning (even though Thomas was the one who saved James). Thomas entered the house killed John and revealed that he was James's father but James's mutation triggered giving him bone claws, animal like senses and an healing factor. He stabbed Thomas and ran off with Rose, changing his name to Logan until he accidentally stabbed Rose.

He served in the American civil war, both World Wars and Korea and Vietnam until a government group called Weapon X who kidnapped him, erased his memories, coated his claws and skeleton in Adamantium and tried to turn him into an animalistic killing machine giving him "Berserker rages" which he would constantly fight to overcome. He escaped, killed everyone in the facility and wandered the wilderness until Department K offered him a chance on the Canadian mutant team Alpha Flight where after fighting the Incredible Hulk and the Wendigo caught the attention of Professor X where he was recruited the X-Men and found a family.

Wolverine/Darkness:Old Wounds Edit

During WWII Roberto Estacado (the Grandfather of Jackie) was hired to kill Logan. However Logan's superior fighting prowess and healing factor saved him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Healing Factor: Wolverine's mutant power is his healing factor, he can regenerate all manner of wounds from being impaled, shot and burnt to having his eyes gouged out and being reduced an Adamantium skeleton. As a result he can regenerate limbs and organs, Wolverine's healing factor also seems to slow or maybe even halt (or maybe even Cease) his Ageing process as he is over 200 years old yet still retains the appearance of a man in his 20s or 30s. He also has healed from the Ebola virus and Malaria within the same week which means he is immune to most Earthly diseases and can't get drunk or be high on drugs (though he still has a habit to do both). This ability is so powerful that in the event that Logan's heart has been ripped out or if he has suffered brain death then his Healing factor will bring him back, resurrecting him so to speak.
  • Enhanced senses: Wolverine has keen senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight, these are better than most humans and even animals like dogs. Wolverine's sense of smell means he can't be sneak up upon or be attacked from behind.
  • Enhanced strength: Due to a combination of military training, working in the mines for a few years, his Adamantium skeleton and his healing factor Wolverine is stronger than an average human being. He can lift up to 2 tons at peak, he has crushed a pure steel Pipe in his hands, Snapped Dinosaur's neck and even kicked a boulder.
  • Enhanced speed/Agility: Wolverine can move faster than the eye can see and is an excellent acrobat. He also has acrobatic skill from his time in Weapon X. He can dodge boulders thrown at him by the Hulk and leap at Satan and even tag Speed Demon who moves faster than sound.
  • Retractable Adamantium Claws and Adamantium Skeleton: Wolverine was born with six 12 inch blades on both of his hands, which pop out of his knuckles whenever he wants them to. Originally these were bone claws but when Weapon X experimented on him he has his claws and his whole skeleton coated in Adamantium, the strongest substance known to man. Wolverine's claws are so sharp that they can cut through beings like The Hulk and Jackie Estacado, himself. Wolverine's Adamantium can survive nukes and even blows from the Hulk and Thor.

Abilities Edit

  • Martial Arts: Logan has lived for centuries and due to his time in the military and some training he has received in Japan, Logan is an expert martial artist and unarmed fighter. He has been trained in Karate, Judo, Boxing and many others.
  • Weapons master: As previously mentioned Wolverine is an expert fighter due to living for two centuries, he has mastered numerous weapons with deadly accuracy including firearms, and blades and even grenades. Logan can use almost any weapon.
  • Linguist: Logan can speak multiple languages other than English this list includes French, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Spainish, Chinese and even Thai.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Decapitation: Wolverine's body can regenerate any damage unless his head is separated from the rest of his body. Charles Xavier explains this is due to the fact that Logan's healing factor works by his brain sending signals to the rest of body and that if someone can destroy the connection between his brain and the rest of his body then he would die, however the Adamantium skeleton makes it almost impossible to do so
  • Drowning: While Wolverine can heal physical damage. Drowning him would be lethal as it would kill his lung cells and even if generated new cells they would die off. It doesn't help that Wolverine's skeleton weights him down and that he can't swim.
  • Berserker rage: According to the information Weapon X has on Wolverine, he was programmed to be an animalistic killing machine and due to his short temper they were able to program him with a berserker rage where he ignores all pain and unleashes deadly animalistic almost savage rage upon whatever triggered it.
  • Draining his Healing Factor: It is possible to drain Wolverine's healing factor. If he starves, is infected with a specific virus or even some magic or matter manipulation can shut off Wolverine's healing factor making him vulnerable to any injury and as easy to kill as an regular human.