Witch Coven
Biographical Information
  • Wiccan
  • Sorcerer, Sorceress
  • Wizard
  • Warlock
  • Magi
  • Necromancer


Character Information
  • Wicca, Voodoo, Satanism (Religions)
  • Demons (Satanic Familiars)
  • Ghosts, Loa (Voodoo Familiars)
  • Keepers of Nature (Wiccans)
  • Guardians of the Dead (Voodoos)
  • Servants of Satan (Satanists)
Real World Information

A Witch is a human which has tapped into a source of power commonly known as magic or witchcraft. Coming from various walks of life, witches can be either keepers of the natural order or servants of the Devil. Regardless of alignment, they have been persecuted for many centuries.

As a rule, witches typically practice the Craft in groups known as circles; generally numbering four to nine witches who channel each other's powers to strengthen themselves as a whole and solidify their bonds. Circles provide both community and protection for the witches joined.

In the modern times, true witches - even those among the neo-pagan communities - live their occult lives in relative obscurity; both for the purposes of privacy but also to maintain the world's ignorance - ensuring their protection from witch-hunting entities such as the Vatican.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Spell Casting: The core of every witch's power is their knowledge of spells. This is achieved through their understanding of various arcane tongues as well as harnessing the magick potential innate within themselves either through birth or training; a power often referred to as the Dread Force.

Abilities Edit

  • Herbal Knowledge: Particularly versatile among Wiccan witches, practitioners of the Craft have a basic comprehension of the supernatural properties of various herbs as well as the methods and recipes necessary to use them to optimal effect and achieve such purposes as to treat, poison, or empower.
  • Occult Knowledge: Essential to all branches of witchcraft is their understanding of occult lore. These include a basic knowledge of the powers they serve - including gods, demons, and the afterlife - as well as the finer points of their own Crafts. A rudimentary knowledge of other magic is useful.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Human Lifespan: Despite their potential to harness great magical powers, witches are ultimately human and thus mortal. While there are magics which enable witches to achieve immortality, these are generally frowned upon and regarded as unnatural magic as they violate the cycle of life and death.