Vol. 2 Issue 9

Paul Jenkins


Steven Cummings

  • Jon Sibal
  • Rick Basaldua

Matt Milla

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler
  • Mark Roslan

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Vatche Mavlian
  • Brian Buccellato

May, 2004

Vol. 2 Issue 9 is the ninth issue of the second The Darkness comic series volume published from 2002.

Synopsis Edit

On his first day as the head of the Franchetti's crime family, Jackie Estacado must deal with one peculiar member of his organization.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Thirty five years ago in Brooklyn Municipal park public toilet, a pair of kids fool Palanco into looking for a blue goldfish in the toilet. When he leans forward, the kids push his head into the water. In the present time, Palanco and his henchmen open fire on Jimmy The Grape, before escaping in a car. After they escape, its revealed that they killed the wrong guys and not Jimmy.

Elsewhere, at a Martin's coffee warehouse, Jackie has a meeting with the Franchetti family mafia members, where he declares that he's uniting them under his control. Butcher Joyce informs that their shooter, Palanco failed to kill Jimmy The Grape and instead killed three of Mickey Floresca henchmen and demands restitution.

Later, Jackie visits Palanco at a local club. When he reveals his identity to Palanco, the former accidentally spits out his drink on Jackie. Later that night, Jackie sends Palanco on various suicidal errands in order to kill him, but he survives every encounter. Finally, The Darkness reveals that the only way to kill him is by giving Palanco a blue goldfish.

The next day Palanco is send to Municipal park public toilet to deal with child molesters. As he enters the toilet, Palanco sees a blue goldfish fly into one of the toilets. In joy, he quickly runs after it and dives his head into the water. As he does that a giant explosion goes off, destroying the entire toilet cabin. As Jackie lights up his cigarette, Palanco suddenly appears, asking what happened here. Jackie yells at Palanco for killing the wrong guys, when the former reveals that Mickey was the one who gave him the street address.

The same night, Jackie visits Mickey Floresca at his house, where's his holding a party. Jackie reveals that he knows that Jimmy The Grape is paying him, but instead of killing himself, he puts Palanco much to his objections as Mickey's new bodyguard. To be continued...