Vol. 2 Issue 23

David Wohl


Martin Montiel Luna


Jay Leisten


Sonia Oback


Troy Peteri


Scott Tucker

Cover by:

Dale Keown


October, 2005

Vol. 2 Issue 23 is the twenty third issue of the second The Darkness comic series volume published from 2002.

Synopsis Edit

The Angelus, the Darkness' oldest and most deadly nemesis, continues in her quest to kill Jackie Estacado. But the tables are turned when she runs head-up into...the Magdalena! Plus, the return of another woman Jackie Estacado thought he'd seen the last of... Appolonia Franchetti!

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


The story opens with Magdalena breaking into Jackie's apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Elsewhere, Appolonia Franchetti visits the ruined mansion of Frankie Franchetti. The detectives try to investigate the site, concluding that it must have been a smart bomb of some kind. The also point out that this incident looks similar to the warehouse fire in which Frankie died. One of the cops notice Appolonia and she runs away from mansion. As she walks the street, Jackie stops her and points his gun at her. Appolonia in tears hug him.

Meanwhile, Magdalena is subdue by Angelus. She manages to break free and uses Light of the Magdalene on Angelus. Unfortunately, the Light of the Madgalene has no effect on Angelus. Its then revealed that she is possessing the body of Lauren Franchetti. She then proceeds to grab Magdalena by the throat and throw her through the window. As Magdalena stands up she faces-off Angelus. Back in the apartment darklings watch them and decide to go get Jackie.

Back in Park Dinner, Jackie and Appolonia have a talk. Appolonia reveals, that Angelus now possesses her mother and decided to take revenge on Jackie for not letting her kill Frankie first. She suggests that if they tried to speak to Lauren together they could reach her inside the Angelus. Police then arrives and Jackie decides to leave as darklings tell him that his apartment is being trashed.

Meanwhile, Angelus and Magdalena continue their fight. To both shock, Jackie appears and Angelus feeling weaker, tries to escape. Jackie catches and throws Angelus to the ground. As he comes near to kill her, Magdalena attacks by stabbing her spear into Jackie's back, knocking him out. Angelus uses this chance to escape. Magdalena then approaches Jackie when suddenly he awakens, recognizing her from the past. He subdues her, but sun rises, dispelling the Darkness. Jackie then pull out a gun and aims at her, but Magdalena manages to knock him with her spear. She then puts her spear near Jackie's throat.

Elsewhere, Angelus visits Frankie Franchetti's grave. There she meets Appolonia, who reveals to have been working with her mother. The Angelus then decide to attack Jackie at dusk and promises that he shall not live another night. To be continued...