"Holy Mother, I Vincenze Xeni, have done bad things."
Vincenze Xeni [src]
Vincenze Xeni
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The Franchetti Mafia



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Vol. 2 Issue 7

Vincenze Xeni is a mobster appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Vincenze Xeni was a small time mobster serving the Franchetti Mafia. At some point he kills a man that wasn't making payments to the family.

Sending a Message Edit

Vincenze visits a church were he confesses his sins. He feels extreme shame for having dirty thoughts about his friends wife for the past three weeks and asks for a sign to prove that he's not going crazy. As he says that, he's shot by Jake Nightly through the head.

Personality Edit

Vincenze is describe as scumbag by Jackie, loved only by his mother.. He was shown to be religious as he goes to confess his sins. Vincenze was loyal to his best friend and felt shame when he had dirty thoughts about his friends wife.

Gallery Edit

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