Valko Balakov is a Bulgarian crime boss and Jackie Estacado's rival in New Jersey's criminal underworld. It is later revealed that he is the vessel of an Ancient One.  

Biography Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Balakov is the vessel of an Ancient One. This parasitic being within his body provides him with a variety of superhuman physical abilities:

  • Immortality - The Ancient One within Balakov is well over 10,000 years old and boasts to be older than The Darkness and the other Thirteen Artifacts.
  • Supernatural Strength - Balakov was able to challenge The Doppelganger/The Darkness is direct physical combat, causing the ceiling of his mansion to collapse.
  • Regeneration - Balakov regrew his whole head after Jackie had shot it to bits.
  • Invulnerability - The Ancient One greatly increases Balakov's durability and stamina threshold. Bullets and decapitation only slow him down or render him unconscious. It is currently unknown what, if anything, can kill Balakov.
  • Cosmic Awareness - Balakov seems to have a higher comprehension of time, space, and magic. Despite this power, Balakov was unaware of Jackie's presence.
  • Parasitic Possession - The Ancient One within Balakov can take possession of another being through heart transfusion.

Gallery Edit

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