The sover

The Sovereign

"Men call me The Sovereign." - The Sovereign

The Sovereign was an Arch-Demon who was once a great Human king until his family and himself were killed by The Darkness over 2,000 years ago. He tricked an Angel into letting him out of Hell. Bound by The Fates to the marble statues made in his image and given domain over Hell and Earth, he spent centuries tormenting The Darkness.

In the modern day he hired Aphrodite IV to capture Jackie Estacado and bring him into custody. He promised to reunite Jackie's body and soul, in exchange for killing souls The Sovereign freed from Hell. After discovering the truth, Jackie formed a group of specialists to find and destroy The Sovereign's host bodies to remove him from Earth forever. The Sovereign was finally destroyed by Leonard Kim who sacrificed his life to save Jackie.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The sover light

The Sovereign's glow

The Sovereign used every method at his disposal; worldly wealth, physical power, and deception.

His stone body gave him superhuman strength and endurance, depending on the size and density of the sculptures (ranging from Human-sized to giant). Despite his stone form, he still maintained his agility and senses.

His strength allowed him to overpower a weak Jackie with ease, grabbing him by the throat with one hand and hoisting him high off the ground. Even after Jackie regained The Darkness, The Sovereign proved his equal. With his ancient fighting skills and enhanced strength, he effortlessly overpowered Jackie's team and even sent Leonard Kim flying into monitors on the other side of the van with just one shove. Punches, bullets, and being thrown through a windshield with great speed and force had little to no affect on him.

The Sovereign was capable of possessing an entire army of statues at once. The Sovereign's presence could be seen by radiant lights coming off his body.

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