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"They are The Cherub Hostile and their number is Legion" - Robert Bearclaw

The Legion of The Cherub Hostile were an ancient host of infant-like Angels that needed a Human vessel who would bring them to Earth and would be powerless to stand by as they searched for the weapon they needed to return every living soul on Earth to Purgatory.

They found a host when a soulder discovered The Fountain of Youth and gained immortality. He served as their host for the next 200 years.

In the modern day, The Legion of Cherub Hostile and the soulder made their base in a souvenir-steer-off of route 1 in Merritiville, Florida. At the same time Robert Bearclaw, Jackie Estacado, Capris Castiglione, and Jenny Romano were making camp when the Cherubs attacked.

Jackie stared into the perpetually damned abyss of his soul, and the abyss stared back, allowing him to summon a legion of Darklings that overpowered and slaughtered The Cherubs and their host with ease.

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