The Deceiver's Grasp is a relic found in The Darkness II. It is a glove that protects the wielder from the Abysmal Maw's effects.

Background Edit


The Deceiver's Grasp

According to Johnny Powell, the Deceiver's Grasp was created by The Brotherhood to protect their agents from the effects of the Abysmal Maw. The glove utilizes transference magic; when it is coated in the blood of another person, the wielder can use the Maw without having his soul burned away. The person whose blood coats the glove, however, is then condemned to Hell in place of the one using the Maw.

Interestingly, even though the Abysmal Maw was to be used by the wielder's right hand, The Deceiver's Grasp appears to be a glove for the left hand.

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