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"You can't control The Darkness. You cower in fuckin fear of it, an' you pray it goes away!." - Johnny Powell

The Darkness is Jackie Estacado's ancient male Demon soul. The Darkness is the equal and opposite of The Angelus. He is the original void before the coming of light which resulted in The Creation.

Powers & Abilities Edit

The Darkness is a being of pure dark. He has various powers, such as God-like strength, creating black holes, creating guns out of darkness, and even move like shadow to hunt down his enemies. He also has the ability to create a giant demon arm to impale enemies, move objects and take out light sources to refuel Jackie's energy.

His main weapons are two serpent heads  , which can devour the hearts of enemies killed to regain some health and Dark Essence. Using The Darkness drains the host's energy and the only way to replenish his energy is to stand in shadow. In The Darkness II, he gains a few new tricks, such as spitting out green fumes that eat away at enemy's flesh, or infusing his guns with Dark Essence, causing the guns to never run out of ammo and do more damage to enemies.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

In the beginning, there was The Darkness. Then God let the light in and The Universe was created. It began as planets and suns, then Humans began to form. The Darkness was enraged and began inhabiting one Human host after another all through the ages, each host thinking that they were The Darkness's master. At some point during World War I, The Darkness possessed Anthony Estacado and has been passed through the Estacado bloodline ever since.


  • The Darkness can only have a male host, while its opposite, The Angelus, requires a female host.
  • The Darkness is voiced by Mike Patton.
  • In the comics, the host of The Darkness dies when he concieves a child, passing The Darkness to his next host. In the video game series, Jackie's father is shown to have been alive over five years after Jackie was born. Why and how this is, is unknown.
  • The Darkness is shown to have a potent degree of Creator-like authority over Hell.
  • The Darkness has small demons called Darklings which The Darkness has power over.


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