Tales of The Darkness: Prologue
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Malachy Coney

  • Cendrik Nocon
  • Dan Fraga
  • Walden Wong
  • Marlo Alquiza
  • Jonathan Sibal
  • Brian Bucellato
  • Matt Nelson
  • Josh Meyers

Denis Heisler


Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Marc Silvestri
  • Joe Weems V.
  • Peter Steigerwald

January, 2001

Tales of The Darkness: Prologue is the first of five part The Darkness comic series that focus on other Darkness hosts.

Synopsis Edit

The origins of Darkness host, Christian Estacado.

Characters Edit

  • Christian Estacado
  • Ariana Estacado
  • Angelus
  • Issiah Rainmaker

Plot Summary Edit

The story opens up with Christian Estacado enjoying the painting of himself with multiple women worshipping him. His mother Ariana Estacado, asks if he likes the painting. Christian answers that he does and will hang it in his bedroom. Ariana questions if this is a good idea because of Christian's chastity. Christian instead doesn't listen to her.

Later, Ariana reflects of how she fears her own son and that she can't do anything to help with the Darkness inside of him while looking at the moon.

Meanwhile, a man and a women on a donkey are coming to the castle. They are confronted by castle guards who ask what are they doing here. The man reveals to be Issiah Rainmaker from the house of Rainmakers and its carrying a great discovery that he must show to prince Christian. After some persuasion the guards let them pass.

After Issiah meets with Christian he reveals that he's great discovery is a woman. Ariana warns him that it could be an assassin, but Christian disregards this as now one would dare to attack him. Issiah talks about the myth of Angelus and Ariana goes into rage, demanding guards to kill him. Christian disregards her again saying that only he decides who lives or dies under his house. Issiah finish his speech and then reveals the women that he brought with himself is the new Angelus. The Angelus says that she wants to be Christians mistress and he quickly accepts her, saying that he will finally experience love in her arms. Ariana goes into rage and shouts that Angelus will never be with his son as she pull out a knife and attacks her. Christian quickly stops her and kills his mother. Then he and Angelus spend the night together.

The next morning, Christian wakes up realizing that he slowly is dying. He questions Angelus if she poisoned him to, which she answers that when Angelus took his love, she also took his life. She then says that Christian should have listen to his mother. As she burns funeral pyre for Christian, Angelus feels new life stirring in her, thinking that this time it would be different. Then she leaves with Issiah.

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