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The Darkness II

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"Fuck you! You were weak and I made a play. Now I'm gonna finish the job."
Swifty to Jackie as he gets into the crane, intending to kill him. [src]

Swifty is a character in The Darkness II. He is a small time gangster and a rival of Jackie Estacado.


Background Edit

Swifty and his gang are approached by Victor Valente and The Brotherhood, with an offer to assassinate Jackie in return for a large payment, Swifty agrees and sends hitmen, disguised as construction workers, to carry out the hit. However, unkown to Swifty, Valente is only using them as pawns in his own scheme to force Jackie to unleash The Darkness in order to steal it from him later.

The Darkness II Edit

After Jackie unleashes The Darkness (according to Valente's plan), he slaughters all of Swifty's men, much to the delight of The Darkness, before making it safely back to his penthouse with his bodygaurds. Later Jimmy "The Grape" informs Jackie of Swifty's involvement in the attempt on his life, leading Jackie to believe someone much more powerful masterminded the attack. After making his way through Swifty's hang out, killing many of his men in the process, Jackie is attacked by Swifty using a wrecking ball at an abadoned construction site.

With the help of his Darkling Jackie defeats Swifty by destroying the wrecking ball machine, after another brief chase, and killing Swifty's remaining thugs, Jackie confronts and interrogates Swifty on who was really behind the attack. Swifty tells him he knows very little about the people who hired him, only they are an extremely powerful and dangerous organisation. Swifty then gives Jackie the envelope that was given to him by Valente as payment, as well as telling him of the brothel that is owned and run by Valente himself.

Fate Edit

Before he can give anymore, the Darkness acts on its own, much to the chargin of Jackie, and rips Swifty in half killing him instantly, in an attempt to keep Jackie from finding out about The Brotherhood.

Personality Edit

As a small time gangster, Swifty always looked for any opportunities to rise up the ranks or even became the Don himself. Thus, he didn't hesitated to agree to the Brotherhood's deal and attack Jackie. Although, pretending to be a ruthless mobster, in reality Swifty was an idiot and a coward. When he realises that Jackie is going to kill him, he doesn't hesitate to reveal everything he knows about the Brotherhood in hopes he will be spared.