"I heard you and your girlfriend grew up here, Estacado. What a shithole."
Cpt. Eddie Shrote to Jackie Estacado on his opinion of St. Mary's Orphanage. [src]

St. Mary's Orphanage is a location featured in The Darkness.

St Marys orphanage the Darkness

the St Mary`s Orphanage in The Darkness


Early History Edit

St. Mary's Orphanage was a dumping ground for kids. Jackie and Jenny grew up there together. St. Mary's Orphanage was known to be a hard place to live in where you had to learn to grow up quick and side with the bullies and pick on the weaker kids to stay out of trouble.

The Darkness Edit

When Jackie had a fight with Paulie, Paulie burnt down the orphanage. Jackie goes to the subway station to meet jenny and Jimmy. The three watch the news of St. Mary's Orphanage on the TV at the subway station. Jackie goes and gets revenge on Paulie by blowing up his money stash. Then Paulie gets revenge as well by killing Jackie's girlfriend, Jenny, at St. Mary's Orphanage.

Trivia Edit

  • In the comics, Paulie destroy the entire orphanage, killing multiple orphans inside as Jackie in horror watches from the gates.

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