The sover
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  • Roman Empire (Formerly)
  • Hell (Abdicated)
  • Darkness Hosts (Targets)
  • Roman Caesar (Formerly)
  • Collector of Souls (Defunct)
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"Men call me the Sovereign."
The Sovereign to Jackie. [src]

The soul-collector known as the Sovereign was an auditor for Hell. Once a depraved Caesar of Rome, the Sovereign was slain by a wielder of the Darkness. Although he was damned to Hell, he deceived an angel into freeing him; pledging his allegiance to Hell in exchange for revenge.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Having lost his family, his empire, and his very life and body to a wielder of the Darkness, the Sovereign was wholly obsessed with enacting his vengeance upon any and all men cursed by the power. To this end, he devoted all of his resources into manipulating events against them.

Ironically, over the course of several centuries as he observed individual Darkness wielders across many generations, he grew to respect their prowess and ferocity. He once stated to Aphrodite IX that there were no warriors under Heaven more fearsome than bearers of the Darkness.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

"A durable form, to be sure."
The Sovereign describes his diorite body. [src]
The sover light

The Sovereign's light emits from his reliquary.

  • Reliquary Possession: As per his agreement with the powers of Hell, the Sovereign was permitted to project his awareness into various stone reliquaries fashioned in his likeness. Inhabited statues would inherit human-like mobility, the ability to speak, and full use of the senses of hearing and sight.
    • Unending Lifespan: As his original, human body was long-since dead, and his spirit confined only to statues made in his image or any resembling reliquary, the Sovereign was effectively immortal; having endured for over 1,500 years, predating Rome's fall in 476 C.E. by some years or possibly longer.
    • Enhanced Strength: Depending on the size and mass of his reliquary, the Sovereign possessed varying degrees of increased strength. In his usual, human-sized vessels, he could single-handedly hoist Jackie off the ground as well as kill him. In his more titanic form, he could damage a small mountain.
    • Inhuman Durability: As all of his reliquaries were fashioned of various stones, the Sovereign innately possessed considerable durability in comparison to a man of flesh and blood. He couldn't feel any pain or discomfort, and common weaponry - even firearms - could barely moderately damage his hosts.
    • Unearthly Stamina: Following the same principal as his durability, the Sovereign's reliquaries were solid stone - possessing neither bones nor internal organs. As such, he required neither food or drink, nor did he need to sleep or breathe; able to exert himself indefinitely without any exhaustion.
  • Illusion Construction:

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  • Skilled Manipulator:
  • Hand-to-hand Brawl:
  • Faustian Covenants:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Limited Reliquaries:
  • Plastic Explosives:
  • Darkness Tendrils: