"Which is why I am here. To put an end to his wicked game. And I will do that if I have to burn every man, woman, and child in La Mancha."
Sonatine to Cervantes [src]
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The Darkness

Sonatine was the leader of The Brotherhood of The Darkness and his main ambition was to gain control of The Darkness for his own agendas. Despite this he has once sought power by summoning and unsuccessfully attempting to control The Angelus. His only known past attempt to capture The Darkness was in 1478 when he was an inquisitor in The Spanish Inquisition in La Mancha, tracking Michaelangelo Estacado.

It was he who told Frankie Franchetti about Jackie and said that his presence in Frankie's mob would make him mighty. Because of this, Sonatine is directly responsible for Jackie's criminal upbringing. He kept watch of Jackie using a mystical pool underneath The Statue of Liberty.


The Spanish InquisitionEdit

Sonatine was an inquisitor during The Spanish Inquisition in 1478. He led a group of men into Castilla La Mancha in search of Michaelangelo Estacado.

Coming of Age Edit

When Jackie came of age and manifested The Darkness, Sonatine sent a team to capture him, but were unsuccessful because of the presence of Angelus Warriors. Sonatine then used an illusion to knock Jackie out, at which point he tried to convince Jackie to join The Brotherhood, but Jackie rejected and threatened Sonatine with death.

Fate Edit

In his last encounter with The Darkness, Sonatine was almost killed but in the last minute, he managed to transfer his soul into Nino Wenders, a former member of the Brotherhood, where his consciousness resides to this day disguising himself as an ally of Estacado. His fate remains unknown as he was not part of the second run of the comic.

Personality Edit

Sonatine was an ambitious, greedy Machiavellian with an intense desire to control the world. He was quite arrogant and condescending with a knack for manipulating both mortals and immortals to achieve his ends. His skill was such that both organized crime and the Angelus could fall into his schemes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Hypnosis: Sonatine can hypnotize people either by looking into their eyes or simply by speaking. His hypnosis abilities were increased by his talisman; allowing him to make people do or believe anything he wants. He was able to make a Demon disguised as a police officer to return to his true self by saying "Reveal yourself, Satanspawn."
  • Pyrokinesis: Sonatine is immune to heat and can manipulate fire to a limited degree by touching it. He can create and shape fire into animated forms, including Human forms capable of speech.
  • Possession: Sonatine transferred his soul into Wenders's body.

Gallery Edit

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