The Siphon is an ancient artifact of pure light that was designed to contain Dark Essence and to trap The Darkness. It is rumored that Angelus created it over thousands of years ago. It can also be used to permanently kill the Darkness host.

The Darkness IIEdit

Victor Valente uses it to get The Darkness from Jackie Estacado. It is first seen when Jackie is captured in the brothel. After Jackie frees himself from the cross, The Darkness demands The Siphon and its power for himself in exchange for Jenny.

It is seen again when Jackie is trapped in an iron maiden and taken to his family's old mansion. This time, The Siphon fully takes The Darkness from inside Jackie. After Jackie is freed from the iron maiden and kills a few Brotherhood minions, Victor is seen impaling Mr. Peevish with The Siphon, giving him some Darkness powers. Finaly it is seen in the hands of Victor and after a long battle Jackie takes and opens the Siphon returning The Darkness to himself.