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Johanna Parker

Shoshanna is a character from The Darkness II Vendettas mode.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Shoshanna is an ultra-efficient agent for MOSSAD - a woman with the highest degree of training. She is completely unimaginative and utterly receptive to the order of her superiors within the agency. She does not question her mission, nor does she question the existence of the magic she sees all around here.

The Darkness IIEdit

She is employed by Jackie Estacado's crime family to hunt down and find Johnny Powell and ultimately finding the Spear of Destiny and fighting the Brotherhood.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shoshanna wields the Arm of the Night. A powerful Darkness sawn-off shotgun that grants her powers and abilities. The Arm of the Night has been in her family for over 75 years and no one who has ever wielded it has lived to see their 30th birthday. It also apparently never misses according to Shoshanna. The Arm of the Night grants Shoshanna to use the Darkness ability of gun channeling. She is able to modify and upgrade this power as much as Jackie's own gun channeling ability. Due to her intensive combat training as an Agent for Mossad, Shoshanna has the innate ability of quick weapon reloads.


  • Shoshanna is voiced by Johanna Parker.
  • Shoshanna is the only character that can use her unique Darkness weapon by itself, unlike the others who must dual wield their Darkness weapon with another firearm.
  • Shoshanna seems to be attracted to JP Dumond, as seen in some conversations where Jimmy says "get a room", and Ingunami says "The woman smells ... Hot?" after Shoshanna talks to Dumond