Roanoke's Bane is a relic found in The Darkness II. It's an axe used by a Croatoan woman while she was under The Angelus's influence.

Background Edit

According to Johnny Powell, The Angelus followed a group of colonists, believing that one of them is a Darkness host, and descended upon a tribe of Croatoan natives. Influenced by The Angelus, one Croatoan maid went to the colony at night and slaughtered everyone using this very weapon. However, The Angelus was mistaken. The Darkness was actually carried by the colony's leader, John White; he was in England gathering more supplies for the colony. When he returned to find Roanoke deserted, he unleashed The Darkness on the Croatoan natives as revenge. The Angelus moved on, leaving the Croatoans defenseless.


Roanoke's Bane

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