Q and A is the fourth chapter of The Darkness II.


This chapter features the first boss fight of the game! To get there, just follow the trail of enemies. The boss fight is located in a construction zone, and you are being attacked by a man with a wrecking ball. Throw propane tanks at the crane until it blows up. Keep an eye out for the Darkling, as he will be providing you with the propane tanks on the left and right sides of the area if you are facing the crane.

Previous ChapterEdit

The Family

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More Questions than Answers

Collectibles Edit


  • Sister of Light
    • Located in a room next to the pool table right at the start of the level
  • The Dark Man
    • Located by a crushed car
  • The Trinity
    • After the boss fight
  • The Graven Image
    • In the Parking Garage after breaking open a door
  • Chime of Deliverance
    • In an office near the end of the Chapter


  • Romantic
  • Mmmm Essence!
  • I'm Just Getting Started


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