"Great. Metropolis has a mob war about to blow up and there's no sign of Superman whatsoever. Where the heck is he?"
Perry White questioning Superman's absence. [src]
Perry White
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Editor of Daily Planet

Real World information
First appearance:

The Darkness/Superman Issue 1

Perry White is the editor of the Daily Planet, appearing in The Darkness/Superman two issue comic.

Biography Edit

The Darkness/Superman Issue 1 Edit

Perry White gather around with other editors in the newsroom to discuss rumours of a mob war.between Roberto Grasso and Jackie Estacado. Perry gives coverage of the story to Lois while Clark gets a mouthful from Perry over his lateness and is awarded a 'filler' story as punishment.

Personality Edit

A hard taskmaster, Perry expects the highest level of professionalism from his journalists. He hates when people working under him don't meet set deadlines or are late.

Gallery Edit

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