"Well... if it isn't Jackie Estacado. You look like someone died in you son."
Nicky Barrucci to Jackie Estacado [src]
Nicky Barrucci
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The Franchetti Mafia (Member)

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Vol. 2 Issue 2

Nicky Barrucci is a mobster that appear in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Until Frankie's death Barrucci worked for him and was part of Franchetti Family organization.

Visit by Jackie Edit

Two mobsters are sent to Nicky Barrucci house to take him out, after the latter rejects the offer to work for Paulie Franchetti. Jackie sends The Darkness to kill the two mobsrters. He then enters the house, pondering the Darkness purpose of bringing him back. In the house, Barrucci pulls a gun on Jackie asking why he shouldn't shoot him. For second he sees another premonition of death, this time Nicky's. Jackie reveals that he wants to bring the family back to its old glory and he needs Barrucci's help. After some persuasion Barruci agrees.

Fate Edit

After Paulie finds out that Jackie killed his henchman that were sent to kill Barrucci, he hires the Triplets. The Triplets then visit him and cut Barrucci into pieces.

Personality Edit

Barrucci was loyal member of The Franchetti Mafia and served Frankie Franchetti without asking questions.

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