"Hello, pretty boy." - Mr. Peevish

Mr. Peevish is the right hand man of Victor Valente, the leader of The Brotherhood and the secondary antagonist of The Darkness II.


He is first seen after Jackie Estacado is captured in Brimstone Club, a brothel The Brotherhood owned. He is present when Victor Valente has Jackie crucified and the The Darkness sucked out of him by an ancient artifact known as Siphon. Peevish then shows Jackie a video being streamed to them, of his penthouse being attacked and overrun by Brotherhood members. Shortly after siphoning some of Jackie's Darkness power he breaks free of the crucifix, Valente and Peevish flee after the former orders Peevish to grab The Siphon and lock Jackie in the room, while they burn the building down.

Later Jackie is captured by The Brotherhood once again, this time Valente and Peevish trap him in an iron maiden and transport him to their headquarters: Jackie's family mansion. Once at the mansion Peevish watches as Valente uses The Siphon to drain all of Jackie's Darkness power, Peevish begins fiending for The Darkness wanting to taste his power, to which Victor agrees to, they then leave Jackie to be burned to death in the iron maiden.

After Jackie is rescued from this gruesome fate by his Darkling, who is still loyal to him, Peevish gains the Darkness power he was craving after his boss injects him with The Siphon, giving him supernatural abilities. After seeing Jackie free from the iron maiden the newly empowered Peevish is ordered to kill the now powerless Jackie.

Fate Edit

Peevish however lacked the full power of The Darkness nor the experince in wielding it and was unable to regenerate from his wounds, which resulted in him being shot to death by Jackie during a running gunfight. Jackie then takes the Darkness energy from Peevish's corpse.