Mr. Barzini
Biographical Information




  • Destroyed
  • Killed by Eva
Character Information
  • Businessman
  • Mafia Associate
  • Coven Elder
Real World Information
First Appearance:

The Darkness\Eva Issue 1

The old-school mobster referred to as Mr. Barzini was an old business associate of the Franchetti Mafia whom Jackie began dealings with after becoming Don following Paulie's death. Beyond his mundane dealings, Barzini was also a vampire of nearly two centuries and a coven leader.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Immortality: Like all vampires, Barzini was effectively immortal in that his undead body did not age nor decay - instead becoming stronger and more statuesque with time. Although he retained the body of an aging senior, Barzini was sired into vampirity nearly a century before his final death.
    • Increased Healing: Due to the preternatural nature of his unlife, Mr. Barzini's body possessed unnatural recuperative powers; able to recover even from lethal wounds in mere seconds without any seeming discomfort. He was shot several times in the chest by Jackie to little affect - only amusing him.
  • Unnatural Speed: Mr. Barzini exhibited preternatural speed sufficient enough that he could seem to appear and disappear instantaneously without leaving a blur. This celerity could have been the result of age or honing his superhuman movements to such an extent that he could exert his body faster.

Abilities Edit

  • Business Acumen: In addition to his duties as the leader of a coven, Mr. Barzini was the overseer of his own legitimate business outlets in order to substantiate his more illegal dealings as well as the financial needs of his coven; mainly to cover up their kills and hire prostitutes for feeding.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Anatomical Loss: Although it wasn't shown, when Eva attacked Barzini, she was manifesting the Darkness - Darklings emerging from her back and her swords drawn. Presumably, she severed his limbs while the Darklings tore him apart - ending him in a slow and agonizing way before his body could heal. Even a vampire like Barzini is no match for the darkness.