Michaelangelo Estacado
Michaelangelo Estacadog
Biographical information
  • Devil
  • Dark-Eyed Gypsy Boy
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Prince of Hell






Character information

Estacado Family (bloodline)

Real World information
First appearance:

Tales of the Darkness

Michaelangelo Estacado was a noble-hearted Spanish Gypsy boy who was born sometime in 1478 during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella and during the time of The Spanish Inquisition. He was born to Donatella Estacado and was a host of The Darkness and an ancestor of Jackie Estacado.

After turning 21, manifesting The Darkness, and slaughtering members of The Spanish Inquisition in La Mancha; Michaelangelo was taken in by an elderly man and his daughter.


Early LifeEdit

When he was still a boy his mother was accused of Witchcraft after refusing the sexual advance of a young ship captain in service to the Spanish crown. She was taken before an inquisitor and sentenced to burn at the stake. She swore revenge before dying that her son would avenge her.

Michaelangelo, being Donatella's son, was believed to be The Devil's bastard son and so a Witchhunt was set out for him as well. Some of his mother's Gypsy friends had arranged for Michaelangelo to escape The Inquisition and take flight across the Andelusian plains and mountains, to find a safe place where no one knew Michaelangelo and where he would live in peace with the Gypsies.

He was welcomed and during his stay, he learned a little about The Darkness from one of the psychic Gypsy elders, Mother Maria.

Personality Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: Michaelangelo possessed potentially eternal lifespan.
    • Accelerated Regeneration: His health and vitality were immediately restored and empowered by the Darkness when his powers manifested.

Darkness Armor Edit

  • Invulnerability: The swords and weapons of the Spanish Inquisitors bounced off and shattered against his armored hide.
  • Super Strength: While empowered by the Darkness armor, Michaelangelo possessed dramatically increased physical strength sufficient to rip even physically strong and imposing grown men apart single-handedly.

Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Hand-to-hand Combatant:
  • Skilled Swordsman:

Gallery Edit

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