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The Darkness/Superman Issue 1

"You might scare a rabbit like Grasso, but you don't scare me, Estacado. I've been up against Superman and you ain't Superman!"
Metallo to Jackie Estacado. [src]

Metallo is an invulnerable cyborg appearing in The Darkness/Superman two issue comic.

Biography Edit

The Darkness/Superman Issue 1 Edit

Metallo interrupts a mob family meal by throwing a vending machine through the restaurants window. He warns the family they are trespassing on another 'families' turf and should get out of Metropolis as quickly as they can. The mob draw weapons and open fire on the stranger, but Metallo is bulletproof. Enter Jackie Estacado, head of the visiting mob. He explains that they aren't leaving and that the stranger's boss, Grasso, should accept his offer to work for his family. Jackie Estacado then uses his demonic powers against Metallo.

Darklings shred the skin from the Metallo bones to reveal his metal skeleton. Metallo warns that Estacado had his chance and now a war between them will begin before disappearing into the night.

Later, when Jackie faces Grasso, Metallo takes Lois Lane hostage and weakens Superman with his kryptonite heart.

The Darkness/Superman Issue 2 Edit

Metallo proceeds to escape with Lois Lane, leaving Jackie and Superman behind.

Later, at Grasso mansion, Metallo creates a plan to use Superman to take care of Jackie. Grasso is skeptical at first, but Metallo eventually convinces him. Then the mansion is attacked by Jackie. Metallo uses a gatling gun to attack him, but his darklings take him apart. Immobilized Metallo curses Jackie, but he ignores him and goes to Lois.

Personality Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Invulnerability:
  • Super Strength:
  • Gadgets: Metallo has various gadgets built into his body, ranging from jetpacks to gatling gun or a mace.
  • Kryptonite Heart: Metallo possess a kryptonite heart making him extremely deadly against Superman.

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