Johnny Powell
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Jackie Estacado (Employer)

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The Darkness II

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David Hoffman

Johnny Powell is a brilliant yet estranged occultist who acts like an adviser to Jackie Estacado and will give information about the supernatural world.


Early History Edit

As a graduate student, Johnny Powell became an unparalleled expert on the world of mystical power and magic. He kept himself busy studying ancient relics that were shrouded in dark (and even fantastical) histories, and which were purportedly connected to some of the most infamous figures from antiquity. However, he ended up discovering that the mythology surrounding these artifacts was all true, and that they all pointed to The Darkness.

The objects Johnny researched were tinged with Dark Essence, a substance that clings to objects and people who have come into contact with The Darkness. The Essence that was left behind on the relics Johnny was studying proved to be something of a narcotic for him, and he quickly found himself addicted to it. From there, his lifestyle degenerated from that of a promising (if obsessive) student to one of a muttering, semi-coherent junkie.

During a period when he was still somewhat functional, Jackie Estacado sought Powell's assistance in dealing with his internal battle with The Darkness. Johnny explained the role of Dark Essence, and how it could be harnessed from the relics. Eventually, with Powell's help, Jackie was able the bottle up The Darkness, more or less. However, spending all this quality time with a bearer of The Darkness only worsened Johnny's affliction. Realizing this, he fled without Estacado's knowledge, and has been essentially homeless ever since.

The Darkness II Edit

Eventually Jackie uses his men to find and bring Johnny to his penthouse suite. Johnny explains that Jackie is being pursued by a secret society called the Brotherhood who seek the Darkness' powers for themselves using the Siphon, an object created to contain the Darkness by an entity known as the Angelus, which is the Darkness' female counterpart. After discovering who set up the attack at the restaurant, Johnny then provides a lead to the Brotherhood's location at a nearby brothel. After Jackie heals his fatal wounds sustained from the Brotherhood attacking his home, he wakes back in the library of his home with Johnny explaining that he had been unconscious for four days, and that the Franchetti enforcers drove the Brotherhood off before they could make off with Jackie's body.


  • He first appears in the What is The Darkness? trailer.
  • He appears to have heterochromia (one eye green and one blue) which can be seen during close ups of the What is The Darkness? trailer.
  • Johnny Powell seems similar to Ricardo Irving from Resident Evil 5 in terms of appearance, personality, and speech pattern. Both are cowardly, timid, fast talking individuals with knowledge on the main subject in their respective storylines (Ricardo Irving having knowledge of Bio Organic Weapons/B.O.W.S such as the Las Plagas Virus and Powell having knowledge about The Darkness).
  • Johnny Powell seems to be inspired by Wenders from the comics series.