"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you fellas to leave. Really... it's in your best interests."
Joey Delfini to Dominic Alberto [src]
Joey Delfini
RCO003 1469120rmonster1
Biographical information

The Little







Character information

The Franchetti Mafia (member)

Real World information
First appearance:

Vol. 2 Issue 16

"Little" Joey Delfini is a mobster that appears in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Joey Delfini was a well respected mobster working for Franchetti Mafia. Differently from other mobsters, he didn't object Jackie taking over Franchetti Mafia

Daughters Wedding Edit

Joey was celebrating his daughters Gina and Paulie Matterano wedding. The celebration was short lived as Dominic Alberto with his crew interrupted the event and killed everyone as send a message to Jackie Estacado.

Personality Edit

Joey Delfini was known to be loyal, level headed and fair. Jackie liked and respected him for giving his blessing to rule the Franchetti Mafia.

Gallery Edit

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