The Drunken Scotsman

Jimmy Wilson
or Scottish Jimmy is a character from The Darkness II Vendettas mode.

Biography Edit

Jimmy Wilson is a product of inner city Glasgow who loves football, boozing, belching and hating the English. He is also perpetually drunk. His beliefs in the Brotherhood- thanks to its former ties to the dreaded Edward Longshanks- are simply the hated English in another form.


Jimmy gains his Darkness abilities from his Dark Axe. When Johnny Powell asked Jimmy how he acquired the axe, Jimmy jokingly said that the Lady of the Lake came to him in a dream and presented the Dark Axe to him. In truth, he found the Axe in the woods by a lake and liked the balance and thought it would kill just fine. The Axe allows Wilson to summon Darklings that run after Jimmy's enemies and explode when in range. Surprisingly, Jimmy is able to upgrade and modify his Darklings a lot more than Jackie Estacado can upgrade his one Darkling. Jimmy Wilson also has the innate ability of having an abnormal resistance to damage. Whether this is because of his Darkness powers or just because he is always drunk remains to be seen.


Jimmy appears to be a fan of Celtic, a Glaswegian football team who play in green and white hoops.  Upon hearing of the inclusion of such a character a senior source from the club was quoted as saying "The game makers will have been careful legally not to portray the character in an actual Celtic strip, with the club crest. But it’s pretty clear what they’re getting at.  It might be in poor taste but it’s not anything the club have anything to do with or would wish to have anything to do with." 

Trivia Edit

  • Jimmy Wilson is voiced by David Shaughnessy.