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Murderer (Formerly)

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Vol. 2 Issue 21

"I pay for my sins every day! There is no peace for me and I accept that. I don't deserve any better."
Jared Wells to Jackie Estacado. [src]

Jared Wells also known as Reckoning is a comic character appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Jared Wells was a murderer who killed two people during a home invasion in front of their daughters eyes. For this she curses Well to feel all the pain and violence cause around him. Because of this he moves to Alaska. After moving to his new home Jared kills a woman who poisoned her two husbands and suffocated three of her babies. Later he also kills campers who were in fact fugitive terrorists responsible for over of dozen bombings across Africa.

Clash with Jackie Edit

Jared Wells visits Mervs general store for bandages. Stores owner Merv questions him about using so many bandages with Jared answering that he uses them for his art. Its revealed that Jared can sense other people sins. He then senses the worst pain he ever felt from Jackie Estacado.

As Jackie walks out the bar he's attacked by Jared. He declares that he knows about all the pain he created and he's going to stop it right know. Jared pulls out a knife and grabs Jackie by the throat. He makes him to see all the pain Jackie has ever created. In fear, Jackie hides in a dark closed shop. As the darklings appear they realize that Jared has disappeared. Feeling save, Jackie leaves the shop.

As Jackie begins to walk the road, Jared tries to run him over. He tries to hide in an abandoned cabin, only to realise that its just ruins without an actual roof. Jared then charges Jackie through a wall. Jackie calls him a hypocrite as he is no better than him and points out a girl named Emily. Out of rage Jared stabs Jackie and both fall into a well. Inside the well Jackie envelopes with his darkness armour and reveals that Jared killed Emily's parents in front of her eyes. In return she somehow cursed him, making him what he is now. Jared answers that at least he uses his powers to get rid of scumbags like him, while Jackie does nothing. Enraged Jackie torn him into pieces.

Later as Jackie drives away, he sees Jared alive standing among the trees now with a scared face.

Personality Edit

Jared Wells was a murderous psychopath that had no merits of killing a little girls parents in front of her eyes. After being cursed to suffer all the pain caused by people around him, he moves to Alaska in order to hide from his past. Eventually Jared decides to pursue and kill people that inflict pain and suffering to others as a way to redeem himself. He acknowledges the mistakes he did in the past and accepts his present fate.

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  • Immortality:
    • Reconstitution:
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Ambient Empathy:

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  • Unarmed Fighting:

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