JP Dumond
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Appears in:

The Darkness II

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Voice Actor:

Dave Fennoy

JP Dumond is a character from The Darkness II Vendettas mode.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

JP Dumond was once a respectable doctor; a descendant of a Creole family who went to live in the New Orleans area after the Emancipation Proclamation. Turning to a form of Lousiana Voodoo to heal his patients, his desire to heal the poor and needy has back-fired. Dumond has now come to Jackie Estacado, seeking protection.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Midnight Stick: Dumond wields the power of the Midnight Stick, a Powerful cudgel that he uses to access his Darkness powers and the dark realm. He fashioned the Midnight stick from a tree that was struck by lightning twice. It is capable of lifting up any victim into the air and causing a shockwave around the victim knocking away any of their allies. It is also powerful enough to knockdown almost any enemy JP may come across.
    • Black Hole Creation: The Midnight Stick has also given him the ability to summon powerful Black Holes. These Black holes are similar to the ones Jackie's dead enemies may spawn, but JP is able to modify his Black Holes more intensively than Jackie, possibly making them more powerful.
  • Healing: Dumond also has the innate talent of being a heart destroy healer allowing him to heal more from destroying hearts than any of his Vendettas counter parts. Whether this is a power fueled by the Darkness is still speculation.


  • In the mission "A Real Rain Has Come" after David Graves asks you to join the Brotherhood Dumond answers "I served my time with the Brotherhood - never again!" giving the impression that he was once a member of The Brotherhood.