"I am Idris. I bear all Darkness."
Idris [src]
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  • Dark One
  • Dark Wyrm
  • Dragon of the Desert






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The Darkness

Idris was a host of The Darkness in 14th Century A.D. in the Arabian Desert. He was a way word vigilante who would deliver savage justice upon those who had wronged those who had asked for his help.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Idris is dark and treacherous. He describes himself as following the 'Path of Darkness'. Despite this, he respected the traditions of the dessert, including offering hospitality to those who entered his domain, even his enemies, though he would take something or someone valuable from them at the last moment.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As host of The Darkness, Idris had mastery over all forms of his power.

  • Superhuman Senses: Idris was able to feel footsteps over his head on the surface of the dessert.
  • Darkness-Empowered Physiology: Idris was host to the Darkness.
    • Darkness Armor: Idris was not seen in full armor form, though he does have the power as his arms were seen in armored form.
      • Super Strength: Idris was immensely strong and could drive a sword through a thick man easily.
      • Invulnerability: The Darkness armor is impervious to all damage save for sunlight and supernaturally empowered weapons such as the Spear of Destiny or weapons of the Angelus's own power or the Witchblade.
  • Darkness-Empowered Metaphysiology: Idris possessed psionic and psychokinetic abilities from the Darkness.
    • Terrakinesis: With The Darkness, Idris possessed potent control over the sands that allowed him to use his demon arms to swirl the sand and create miniature sand storms and vortexes. He and his demon arms could also move swiftly through the sands with ease and even create a cave far beneath the dessert floor to use as a home and to store his weapons and treasures. He could create demon arms and small tentacles to grab and safely drag humans deep into the sand and into his lair.
    • Telepathy: Idris displayed unique telepathic and empathic abilities that allowed him to use The Darkness to read and understand the thoughts, motives, and emotions of those in his presence.
    • Summoning: Idris could summon swords and Darklings out of the shadows.
    • Cosmic Awareness : He showed a strengthened sense of awareness of his sandy domain and claimed that he could "feel" footsteps in the sands above him.
    • Teleportation: Idris could teleport through the shadows.
    • Corruption: Idris could corrupt even a host of The Angelus, turning her into a serpentine creature to do his will.
    • Darkling Creation: Idris could create Darkling and demon arms of all shapes and sizes to serve his will, aid him in battle, and protect him.
    • Darkness Conversion: Idris' most strange ability was the power to transform and assimilate humans into creatures that he would use, bound to his will. This ability manifested a small appendage that would sprout out of the sand and inject themselves into the victims' chests. The physical reaction of the victim to the assimilation was a blackening of their whole eyes, necroplasm tears, and greening of the veins and skin of their face.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Swordsman: Idris possessed considerable skill with a sword.

Gallery Edit

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