Ian Nottingham is an assassin who lives in Japan who was once under the employ of Kenneth Irons.

Biography Edit

He was hypnotized by Sonatine in order to use Nottingham's merging ability to take The Darkness from Jackie Estacado. He managed to track down Jackie and siphon both The Darkness and The Witchblade from Sara Pezzini. He underwent a supernatural transformation as The Darkness and The Witchblade began to merge within his body and soul, causing him to summon a bluish supernatural tornato/vortex of sorts and began to use his merged powers to assimilate and reanimate the dead matter around him. Jackie and Sara threw themselves into the vortex and took their respective souls from Nottingham, leaving him with only a small essence of The Witchblade.

Personality Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Absorbtion: Ian's body and soul were built to absorb energy. He was able to draw apon the essences of both The Darkness and The Witchblade and hold them within him.
  • Merging: Ian was able to merge the essences of The Darkness and The Witcblade and become more powerfull.

Gallery Edit

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