"Can't banter. Need coffee."
Hope first words in The Darkness: Hope comic. [src]
Hope Pezzini
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First Born

Hope Pezzini is the mystical daughter of Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) and Sara Pezzini (The Witchblade).

Biography Edit

First Born Edit

Jackie Estacado discovers he is the father, having been used by the Darkness to conceive a baby while Sara was in a coma. The Darkness wished to create a new weapon with which to destroy its adversary, the Angelus. When the current Angelus host, Celestine, and her warriors attempt to take the unborn child by force, Jackie takes them to a mob safe house to hide. Patience also arrives, after Sara leaves her a message asking for help. Sara goes into labour and Dani acts as midwife while Jackie and Patience fend off a new assault by the Angelus. Hope's birth nearly kills Sara, but Dani heals her using the Witchblade and it is split between them. Celestine manages to grab hold of Hope, but the baby creates an explosion that destroys all the Angelus warriors and Celestine leaves in defeat.

Artifacts Edit

A person known as the Survivor, revealed to have been the Curator, employs Aphrodite IV and gives her the Coin of Solomon in order to kidnap Hope as part of his plan to bring the Artifacts together. It is revealed that Hope is the "codex" for the entire universe, meaning that she has to die once all thirteen Artifacts are brought together so the Survivor's universe can be reborn. However, Jackie attacks the Survivor just as it happens. Jackie, Sara and Hope soon appear to be the only survivors as the universe fades to nothing. Realizing that Hope has to die for the sake of the world, Sara reluctantly chooses to kill her. But Jackie does not want that, and instead recreates universe by himself, with all-new reality. When the universe is reset, it is revealed that Hope still lives, apparently the eight-year-old daughter of both Jackie and his ex-flame, then-wife Jenny.

The Darkness: Hope Edit

Hope Estacado gets up in the morning and goes to a coffee shop. There she meets her best friend Leah Baptiste. Suddenly a man throws a garbage bin through the coffee shop window, talking how the stars are all wrong. Later their friend, Jake Meer meets them and they talked about the incident, before Leah part ways with them.

Jake and Hope goes to take an interview from a professor of cosmology Patricia Mcnair about the fact that they're living under different night sky. The professor explains that according to the changed position of the stars they must be more than 10000 years in what they think of as the future. Hope is shocked to hear this. After the interview Hope goes to meet her parents and Jake decides to join her.

At her parents house, Hope and Jake is greeted by Jenny. Hope greets Jackie who is playing cards with darklings. After the dinner, Hope goes into the backyard to talk with Jackie about the day he saved the world. He talks about how the wielders of Thirteen Artifacts came together to fight the evil that came to destroy the human race. After the end of it, Jackie's identity was public and people thought that he was a super hero, but he lost his taste for adventure and hung his guns to become the best husband and father he could. Hope is touched by this answer and hugs him. She mentions her interview with the cosmology and Jackie pleads Hope to leave this mystery alone. Jenny then invites the two for pie.

At her apartment, Hope dreams of a woman conceiving a child that turns out to be a darkling. Her dream is interrupted by the call from Jake who says that he has lead.

Jake and Hope meet at Horace Grimes Memorial Asylum. There, they're met by a man who invites them to meet their "Lady". The "Lady" turns out to be Rachel Harrison wielder of the Heart Stone. She touches Hope to let her see the "truth". She starts to see human darklings everywhere she goes. She runs back to her parents house where she is terrified to see that both her mother and herself are human darklings except for Jackie. Hope and Jackie go outside to talk and Jackie reveals that everyone in the world, except for him, Rachel and Finn are darklings. He says that the threat, which artifact wielders faced was him. The Darkness took control of his body and this time he couldn't stop it. By the time he took back the control, the human race was gone and the world burnt to cinder. So he did everything he could to make up for that. The truth is too much for Hope and she decides to reveal this information to everyone. Jackie stops her and makes her forget the truth.

Next morning, Hope awakens in her apartment and goes to face the day, having lost the memories of the past day.

Personality Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Hope is not of the Angelus, nor is she completely of the Darkness. She is, technically, a spiritual hybrid of primordial (Darkness) and the Witchblade, while her physical body is human.

Powers Edit

  • Codex - As the Codex of the universe, her death can recreate entire worlds and reincarnate all souls, including her own.
  • Angelus Vanquishing - There is immense power within Hope. After she was born, she effortlessly abolished an entire army of Angelus Warriors in a massive supernova-like explosion that smote all creatures of light but did no harm to the Darkness, the Magdalena, or the bearers of the Witchblade. This power also severely weakened the Angelus to the point of retreat. Since then, this power has laid dormant.
  • Pyrokinesis - She can create supernatural fire.

Trivia Edit

  • After the universe reset, Hopes surname changes from Pezzini to Estacado as she no longer the daughter of Sara's Pezzini.

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