Hell Minions are inhabitants of Hell that Jackie Estacado must fight. They hatch from giant black eggs and are controlled by The Darkness.

The Darkness IIEdit

The Hell Minions first appear as otherworldly versions of Jackie's friends within The Asylum. The doctors act like ordinary professional doctors while the patients act like they suffer from mental instability; they are indistinguishable from real life.

Though they seem to be controlled by The Darkness, the Hell Minions who take the form of Johnny Powell and Dolfo are loyal to Jackie and somehow free of The Darkness' influence. Johnny always tells him about his situation by insuring him that none of The Asylum is real, he also jumped onto Vinnie when he tried to inject Jackie with a sedative, allowing Jackie to escape back to the real world. Later back in The Asylum, Dolfo helps him find his way out of The Asylum by telling him to go to the janitor's closet.


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