"A fucked up place." - Jackie Estacado

Hell is the afterlife realm where evil souls are said to dwell after death. The Darkness is shown to have both authority and control over Hell, indicating that it may have been created by him. Though Hell is said to house evil souls, Jenny Romano, an innocent soul, was condemned to Hell by The Darkness in order to trap The Angelus, as well as to force Jackie to do his bidding.

The Darkness IIEdit

After commiting suicide by impaling himself with The Siphon, Jackie descends into the depths of Hell where he must make it through this maze fighting off Hell Minions to rescue Jenny's soul. Once he finally rescues her, he learns that she is the new host for The Angelus, as she too was trapped in Hell, and is abandoned by The Angelus in the Abyss.


Jackie descends to Hell in Chapter 19: Heart of Darkness. Jackie must fight off various Hell Minions as he makes his way through to save Jenny's soul. It is here he aquires weapons unique to the Abyss as well as finding the last of the relics before rescuing Jenny.


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