Frankie Franchetti
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Uncle Frankie







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Crime Boss

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Vol. 1 Issue 1

Francis Leopold Franchetti better know as Frankie Franchetti was the don of The Franchetti Mafia, the husband of Lauren Franchetti, father of Apolonia Franchetti, and the adopted father/"uncle" of Jackie Estacado.

Biography Edit

He adopted Jackie after Sonatine visited him and told him that Jackie's presence in his mob would make him mighty.

After Jackie rebelled, Frankie kidnapped and killed Jackie's girlfriend, Jenny Romano. Jackie lured him to a warehouse soaked in gasoline and lit his lighter, killing Frankie and himself.


Frankie portrayed himself as a gentlemen and a businessman. He was in fact murderous monster who would kill and torture without hesitation or guilt. He was also somewhat of an incestuous pedophile and would make semi-sexual advances on his own daughter. He tortured and murdered his wife's lover with a blow torch all for her affair with him and forced her to watch, simply to show her how much he "loved" her. He later did the same with Jenny Romano to take revenge on Jackie for betraying him.

Gallery Edit

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