was a Human/Darkling hybrid created out of The Darkness by Jackie Estacado under instruction from Professor Kirchner, whose real intent was to create a being of The Darkness free of Humanity to destroy the Human race by having Jackie impregnate Elle with The Darkness.

Elle was seemingly killed when The Darkness ripped out of her, however she survived and managed her way to New York and was reunited with Jackie, only to be swiftly sliced in half by Jackie's sister Capris. While Jackie was fighting Capris, Elle told The Foreigner to come into her presence so he could tap into his last essence of The Darkness in order to save Jackie. With his final act The Foreigner touched Elle's hand and awakened his last bit of The Darkness within himself as Elle turned to dust.



Jackie and Kirchneer allowed organic material from The Darkness to seep into their bodies and recast its characteristics into that of their own, using Jackie and Kirchner's biologies as a blueprint for Elle's. Upon leaving their bodies, this fertilized organic material matured into Elle.

Seirra MunozEdit

Elle lived with Jackie and Kirchner in their church/labyrinth in Sierra Munoz. Kirchmer would monitor her vital signs each time she and Jackie would have sex and also taught her how to perfect and use her powers. When she tried to resist one of these tests, Kirchner would activate Fail-Safe Code: Madusa to relax her.

After she became pregnant, Kirchner instructed her to use her powers to manipulate the Darklings in the room to dispose of Jackie, to which she reluctantly replied. Kirchner also discovered a means to accelerate her pregnancy. While Jackie was leading a team of American and Sierra Munoz marines through the labyrinth, Elle snuck away from Kirchner and met with Jackie to show him their baby.
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She saw the marines and became hostile. Jackie tried to calm her down but she proceeded to slaughter most of them until she found Morisol Yanez, whom Jackie had modeled Elle after. This gave enough time for Major White to shoot Elle and allow them to escape down the tunnel. She followed Jackie down, but was stopped when marine jeeps shined a spotlight on her.

Kirchner found and took her to the lab to begin her labour. The Darkness began eating away inside her, much to Kircher's shock. Kirchner tried to perform an Cesarian section, but stopped when he realized its futility. Elle apologized to Jackie before The Darkness, already an adult, burst free out of Elle, seemingly killing her.

Elle's ReturnEdit

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Elle however survived The Darkness's birth and hid away from the authorities in the shadows of the labyrinth for months. She found both native and American soldiers, but she manged to stay away from them. She fled Sierra Munoz by stowing away on trains, going from one place to another and always finding shelter from the sun. After making her way to New York, she'd listen to rumors and leads toward Jackie's location. When she felt an upheaval in The Darkness, she sensed Jackie's presence and followed it. She found and saved Jackie from a horde of Zombies created by The Darkness, unleashing packs of Darkling-like creatures whom she revealed to be her and Jackie's offspring, created from Jackie's seed that she had kept and fertilized within her from their many sexual encounters.


As Jackie and Elle made their way through the city, they were found by The Foreigner, who gave Jackie the piece of hand armor that was crystallized by The Alkonost's tear. The building was attacked by Jackie's doppelganger and he and Elle jumped out as Elle summoned all her and Jackie's offspring. Jackie's doppelganger killed all the offspring and set his sights on Jackie. After a marine helicopter shot a powerful flame missile at Jackie and the doppelganger, Elle comforted and tended to Jackie as he walked out of the flames. Elle was swiftly sliced in half by Jackie's sister, Capris. As she died, she urged The Foreigner to use her last bit of The Darkness's strength to help Jackie. He did as he was told and touched Elle's hand, disintegrating her to dust.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Elle 2

Elle possessed amazing healing factor and endurance, she recovered in moments from her multiple bullet wounds when Major white shot her. She was also able to recover from The Darkness's birth, though it took her months in the shadows to do so.

She could morph her flesh into an armor, increase her strength and agility, see in total darkness, hear far-off/whispered conversations, run fast over miles, and create sharp shreds from her armor to eviscerate and restrain her opponents. She could also sense Jackie's presence, even from far-off distances.

She could summon her and Jackie's progeny from her clothing and control them telepathically.

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