Biographical information






Gameplay information
  • Jackie Estacado (boss)
  • Frank (friend)
Appears in:

The Darkness II

Real World information
Voice Actor:

Chris Tardio

Eddie is a mobster in the Estacado crime family serving as a loyal enforcer for his boss Jackie Estacado. He appears in The Darkness II.


Eddie is first seen hanging out with his close friend Frank at Jackie's favorite restaurant. Later when the restaurant is attacked by rival gangsters, he and other loyal enforcers helps Jackie and Vinny to escape from them. After surviving the attack on Jackie he returns to the mansion with other Estacado crime family gangsters posted there to ensure Jackie's safety. He is seen in the bar having a friendly argument with Eddie where it is revealed Eddie is married to Frank's sister. After Jackie is captured The Brotherhood lead an attack on Jackies penthouse, Frank and Eddie both attempt to fight back but are overwhelmed and taken prisoner by Brotherhood member Bragg, who is filming the massacre and streaming it back to Valente and the captured Jackie. Then via a live feed Victor makes Jackie choose whether Eddie or Frank dies.


Even if Jackie chooses to not kill either one, Eddie will still die by default but not before he screams aloud obscenties thinking that Jackie chose him to die.


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