Dracula is The Lord of Vampires and the father of Eva. He reamerged in the modern day and turned Patience into a Vampire. He forged an allience with Mr. Hyde in order create a stronger breed of Vampires.


Early LifeEdit

Centuries ago, Dracula lived a sinfull life. He did however have a wife who commitd suicide while she was pregnant with Dracula's daughter. After his wife was buried, Dracula sent a female Werewolf to dig Eva out of the Earth from her dead mother's womb and nurse her along with her own cubs.

Monster WarsEdit


Dracula reamerged in the modern day, turned Patience into a Vampire, and attacked a brothel called Platinum Kiss during which time he defeated Frankenstein and killed all of the brothels patrons and employees by feeding on them to the point of total blood loss and death.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being the king of all Vampires and over centuries old, Dracula is much stronger and more powerful than all other Vampires.

  • Superhuman Strength: Dracula has the epic strength of 10 mighty Human men. He is also far stronger than other Vampires.


Dracula is repulsed by garlic, burned by sunlight and holy water, and turned to burning ash by a wooden stake through his heart.

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