"As ever, mortals will be caught in between and I fear the consequences."
Doctor Strange expressing his worries to Wong. [src]
Doctor Strange
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Unholy Union

Doctor Strange is a fictional Marvel universe superhero appearing in The Darkness crossover Unholy Union.

Biography Edit

Stephen Strange was a skilled yet arrogant and selfish neurosurgeon who refused to help those without reward,one night he drove to one of his talks however he was distracted and fell off a cliff and his hands suffered severe nerve damage,Stephen tried everything and was ready to give up until he met the Ancient one who not only taught him magic but also to be a better human being,Stephen became the next sorcerer supreme and Became Dr.Strange to defend earth against villains like Baron Mordo and Dormmamu with help from his manservant Wong and his apprentice Sister Grimm

Unholy Union Edit

Personality Edit

Stephen was originally arrogant and selfish yet charming.

After his encounter with the ancient one he became a humble and compassionate yet sometimes flamboyant person.Strange is willing to sacrifice himself to save the world

Powers & Abilities Edit

Dr.Strange is the sorcerer supreme and possesses incredible magic powers such as reality warping,telekinesis,telepathy,teleportation,matter transmutation,elemental control,energy projection,astral projection,illusion casting,force field creation,immortality,healing and many more thanks to the eye of aggamoto he can control time and his cloak of levitation protects him from damage

Gallery Edit

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