The Darkness Guns is a power featured in The Darkness.


The Darkness Edit

The third power you gain in The Darkness is a set of Guns created to help the wielder control the Darkness. The Darkness guns act as something like infinite-ammo weapons that draw upon your Darkness Energy instead of physical ammo. There are two of them, both shaped like pistols: the one on the right will fire small bolts of darkness, and acts like an SMG, while the one on the left will fire something similar to a sonic boom and kill most enemies on impact and damaging everything in a small area.

The Darkness Guns are notable for being capable of permanently killing the undead enemies in the World War I sequences in the game; killing them with other weapons will allow them to eventually come back to life until Jackie devours their heart. While using this power, the Demon Heads glow green. The guns are obtained from the Crucified in the Otherworld Hills.

The Darkness II Edit

The Darkness Guns don't return in the The Darkness II. Instead they're replaced by a new ability called Gun Channelling.