Darkness Creature
Biographical information
  • Darkness
  • Firstborn






Character information
  • Jackie Estacado (father)
  • Elle (mother)
Real World information

The Darkness Creature is the nameless creature created from the union of Jackie Estacado and his Darkness-borne lover, Elle.

Biography Edit

Power & Abilities Edit

The Creature was a purer form of the Darkness, not bound by a human form or appearance. He was a kind of human-Darkling hybrid while possessing a small portion of the Darkness spirit.

  • Superhuman Strength: The Creature was immensely strong; ripping from his mother's body and then severing Kirchner's head, all with his bare hands, and all within mere moments after his birth. He proved a considerable physical match for an empowered, and enraged, Jackie. He single-handedly lifted and threw Jackie against a mountainside with enough force to make a foot-deep hole in solid rock, showing no visible strain in the effort. In the final stage of their fight, the Creature gained the upper hand by grabbing Jackie by the neck, choking him, and then ripping off his wings.
  • Flight: His chiropteran wings allowed him to reach any altitude and fly at high speeds.
  • Self-Sustenance: The Creature did not require oxygen, food, drink, or sleep. He could remain physically active indefinitely without any discomfort.

Weaknesses Edit

  • High-level Light: He was destroyed by sunlight.

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