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"Through you, I am born. You are nothing but my puppet."
The Darkness as it awakens on Jackie's 21st birthday. [src]

The Darkness is an ancient entity dating back to the beginning of time. A demon of death, the Darkness feeds upon the souls of those it consumes. As a spirit of shadows, it requires a human host; traveling in bloodlines, it bestows its power on the firstborn male's 21st birthday.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

"In the beginning, there wasn't shit. Literally, nothing but void and darkness; and that's how the Darkness liked it. It wasn't until God decreed, "Turn on the lights", that things got nasty. It started out small - a planet here, a sun there y'know. Next thing you know, there are humans, and cows, and stuff running all over the place. Needless to say, the Darkness was pissed."
Johnny Powell describes the Darkness's origins. [src]

The Darkness is the soul of the void of chaos which predates Creation. When God allowed the light into the emptiness, the Darkness was pushed back and forgotten. Driven mad by bitterness, the Darkness took possession of living human vessels; tearing its way through human history.

The Darkness Edit

The Darkness resided inside Jackie, waiting until his 21st birthday, when it will be able to awaken once again. As Jackie finally became twenty one during the midnight, the Darkness awakened and proceeded to kill a group of thugs sent by Paulie Franchetti. The Darkness also tells Jackie, that he's nothing more than its puppet.

Later, when Jenny is kidnapped by Eddie Shrote and Paulie, Jackie fights through the hordes of goons that Paulie and Shrote throw at him in order to save her. As he reaches her, the Darkness forces Jackie to watch the confrontation between Jenny and the two murderers. Paulie pistol-whips Jenny in the face and belittles her and Jackie for what they have supposedly done. The two notice Jackie is being forced to watch by The Darkness and drag Jenny over to the door. Paulie continues to mock and criticize Jackie for betraying him. He then forces Jenny against the door and shoots her in the head as the Darkness laughs.

This act by the Darkness, quickly backfires as Jackie shoots himself in the head. As the Darkness fixes the wound, Jackie's consciousness travels to the Otherworld, a realm created by the entity to trap past hosts or its victims. There, Jackie meets with his great-great-grandfather, Anthony, who decides to help his great-great-grandson in taking control of the Darkness. Anthony directs Jackie to a giant cannon with, which he could blow open an entrance to the castle where the Darkness resides. When Jackie reaches the cannon, the Darkness brings him back to real world, as he fixed his body and to stop his actions.

Later the Darkness is enraged, when Jackie detonates a briefcase full of explosives in the Trinity Church, killing both him and Eddie Shrote, who was at that moment, torturing him. Knowing what Jackie is planning to do, the Darkness tries throws numerous obstacles in his path in the form of undead German forces, tanks and even attack planes. When this fails to stop him, the Darkness tries to talk Jackie out of his plan to take control of it. Jackie ignores the entities pleas and threats.

After Anthony gets mortally wounded by a giant beast in the Otherworld, he mentions something about "a light in The Darkness" to Jackie, but before he can finish, the Darkness breaks the ground under his body, causing him to fall to the abyss. The Darkness then tells Jackie, that only it will prevail. It also mocks him by saying that Jackie will forever be alone.

When Jackie arms the cannon and creates an entrance into the castle, where the Darkness resides, it begins to scream threats at him, saying that it will destroy him and that he will lose Jenny forever if he enters the castle. The Darkness also reveals, that it can take Jackie to her. Jackie ignores all of this and proceeds to enter the castle. Inside, he finds the Darkness attached to some short of contraption. As he approaches the extraction machines, the Darkness yells at him, that these devices aren't for him.

Jackie yet again ignores it and uses the extraction machines to free the Darkness from controlling him. As Jackie frees the Darkness from the contraption, the entity is enraged by this action. The Darkness then summons Darklings and set them loose on Jackie for insulting its legacy. It then taunts Jackie, telling, that he's efforts are meaningless and it will always win in the end.

Through Jenny's guidance, Jackie figures, that fighting the Darkness will only make it stronger. Instead, he decides to accept the Darkness. Much to the Darkness objections, the entity is absorbed by Jackie, taking complete control over it. Although, the Darkness accepts it's defeat, it points out, that with each life Jackie will take, it will come closer to owning his soul.

As Jackie killed more and more of Paulie's henchmen, the Darkness urged him to completely let go, knowing that this will let the entity to take back the control over Jackie. By the time, Jackie reaches Paulie's whereabouts, an old lighthouse, the Darkness begins for brief moments, take control of Jackie himself. During these moments, the entity proceeds to gruesomely kill Paulie's henchmen. When he finally faces Paulie, the Darkness tells Jackie, that when Franchetti dies, it will own him. Jackie ignores this warning and kills Paulie. As he does this, the Darkness takes over Jackie, but gives a brief moment to meet Jenny.

The Darkness II Edit

Vendettas Edit

Although not directly appearing, various artifacts and weapons related to the Darkness appear in the hands of various mercenaries.


"All those years alone to think... It lived a thousand lifetimes... and it just went insane."
Anthony Estacado describes the Darkness. [src]

The Darkness is a purely malevolent demonic entity of some kind and is clearly a sociopathic creature which only gets pleasure from Jackie's negative emotions, killing any non innocent human being, and the sexual appeal of some human females; As observed by one of its quotes in a rather perverted fashion.

Although, Anthony points out, that this behaviour was caused by the human interaction with the Darkness. Having lived through thousands human hosts, each more sadistic and violent than other, caused the Darkness to go completely insane.

Powers & Abilities Edit

"Through you, I will display my power. Through you, I am born."
The Darkness to Jackie. [src]

Powers Edit

  • Immortality: The Darkness has been described as a creature as old as time itself. The Darkness has endured for many millennia since the dawn of Creation; inhabiting one human vessel after the other across entire generations; effectively living a thousand lifetimes and thus driven more insane.
  • Possession: The Darkness manifests itself only through possessing a living vessel. The particular way it incarnates is through the firstborn males of a particular bloodline it's come to inhabit; passing from father to son and remaining in slumber until the evening of the son's 21st birthday.
  • Resurrection: Even if a host has died, the Darkness may repair its vessel and return the soul to the land of the living. During this process, the Darkness may keep its host in a purgatorial portion of Hell such as No Man's Land or the Asylum to keep them from completely falling into Perdition.
  • Creation: As the primordial being of creation, the Darkness and it's hosts can create virtually anything out of darkness. This ranges from simple tools like weapons or protective armor to entire worlds or life itself.
  • Host Empowerment: All hosts of the Darkness, gain incredible power to control, create and conjure anything out of the Darkness. They also have their physical attributes, like strength, endurance, durability or speed, enhanced to superhuman levels.

Weaknesses Edit

"Stay in the shadows, Jackie."
The Darkness to Jackie. [src]
  • Strong Illumination: As a creature of shadows, the Darkness may only thrive while in low-light environments. If exposed to light, its constructs will begin to weaken and eventually disappear - leaving its host vulnerable. After being subdued for so long, the merest light will dissolve any constructs.
  • Human Dependence: The Darkness requires a male human host to manifest itself on the mortal plane. This gives the host access to its powers, but can also allow the Darkness to corrupt the host and bend him to its will.


  • The Darkness is the antithesis of the Angelus in every way; including their requirements for possessing a vessel. Whereas the Darkness requires the body of a man to manifest on Earth, the Angelus requires the body of a woman. The purposes for this preference in gender is unclear.
  • The voice of the Darkness in The Darkness 2, was made out to be more aggressive, assertive and sociapathic, with more than three times the "Shouting" than in The Darkness.
  • Though powerful, The Darkness in the games is not quite as powerful as the Darkness of the comics for the gameplay balance purposes.