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Jackie Estacado (Creator)

Appears in:

The Darkness II

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Peter Newman

In The Darkness II there is one Darkling that serves as a partner that is also interactive to a degree.


The Darkness II Edit

After Jackie is knocked to the nearby building by the second explosion from the restaurant, the Darkling is seen hiding in the ceiling panels. When a Brotherhood member finds Jackie and prepares to execute him, the Darkling jumps on the attacker and kills him by repeatedly headbutting him. The Darkling then greets Jackie, saying it's been too long and asks to give them a hug. Jackie passes this offer, but thanks for saving him. The creature then proceeds to fart, making Jackie to ask as to what is that smell. The Darkling answers, that he should tell him, as the creature came from Jackie's mind.

The Darkling then helps Jackie to navigate the streets and reach Canal St. subway station. He later accompanies Jackie when he attacks Swifty. During Swifty's crane battle, the Darkling gives Jackie propane tanks to throw at the crane cabin.

Institution Edit

In the mental institution (where the Darkness keeps Jackie), the Darkling comes to help him and apart from Johnny Powell seems to be the only one there that knows the place isn't entirely real. The Darkling disguises himself as a hunched back Janitor who makes his identity known by referring to Jackie as 'Monkey' which is his personal label for Jackie.


The Darkling dies when it attempts to help Jackie to the institutions roof and when he opens the door, the light comes blinding in and knocks the Darkling down the stairs where he seems to leak/steam dark energy as he slowly perishes. This shows valour and a sense of friendship as well as he comments on how he 'had a good run' and tells Jackie not to 'fuck it up, eh' meaning that he accepts his fate and that he wishes Jackie well in his own way.

Personality Edit

The Darkling appears to be English in not only his clothing but his colloquial way of speaking as well as he seems to use the word 'fuck' a lot, as well as 'bollocks' giving him a more relatable, down-to-earth personality. He shows himself to be more of a cheeky and mischievous personality than evil and can sometimes be spotted urinating on the dead bodies of recent victims.

The Darkling exhibits a strange amount of loyalty to Jackie, even going as far as to help him escape the illusionary 'Asylum' that The Darkness places Jackie in during key moments of the story. 

Powers & Abilities Edit

Darkling now has ability to steal weapons from enemies, pull them from cover and access certain areas that neither normal nor super-powered humans can get to such as opening doors by climbing up to high areas and destroying power boxes. he serves as more of a hindrence to the enemies rather than a real threat because he will hassle them to where they will be incapacitated and open to attack for Jackie, but the Darkling cannot hold them there forever and will constantly be thrown off of enemies. Like Jackie, the Darkling cannot endure in the bright light, and thrives in darkness and if he strays into the light, he explodes in a small burst of smoke and ash. Jackie can also make the Darkling explode and kill enemies within the explosion radius, as well as throw him where the Darkling will tear at the enemy for an instant kill.

Design Edit

The Darkling's physical appearence differs from the enemy ones encountered near the end of the game. He has a gloss black shine to his skin whereas the enemy variants are covered in an orange glow in a web like pattern. He is more hunched over and tends to 'waddle' on his short hind legs whilst raising his arms out to the side in a comical fashion as opposed to the quadrapedial crawling of the enemy variants.

The Darkling's right arm is normally coloured whereas his left arm seems to have flesh stripped from it around the fingers giving it a bloody look. He also wears what appears to be a large, baggy jersey with a union jack design. His headpiece is made of the carcass of a dead cat and he wears a spiked metal collar with a few links of chain still attached.

Trivia Edit

  • If the cursor is placed over his human form during the last scene his name is shown to be "Knobby".
  • The Darklings alternate skin is a reference to Jackie's buddy, Crazy Abdul, which he mentions in The Darkness.