"Someone should've told us... it isn't fair... life. Death. Everything we thought it would be, son... it's a lie..."
Danny to Jackie Estacado [src]
Danny Estacado
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Vol. 1 Issue 5

Danny Estacado is the son of Adrienne Estacado and Roberto Estacado and the father of Jackie Estacado and Capris Castiglione. He was a sadistic criminal hitman who worked for various mafias. He impregnated an unknown prostitute with Jackie and Capris and died at the moment of their births.

Biography Edit

Coming of Age Edit

After awakening his Darkness powers, Danny became infamous as a sadistic hitman, that even Franchetti Mafia feared. The money he would earned, Danny would spend on drugs and prostitutes. Because of this Sonatine failed to convince Danny into joining the Brotherhood of The Darkness and instead despised him for wasting his potential.

At some point, Danny impregnated a prostitute, not knowing that this will cause his death.

Death Edit

Danny was hunting a mobster, which lead him straight to Jimmy Franchetti and his thugs. Meanwhile, one of the Danny's prostitutes got pregnant, causing The Darkness to leave Danny. As he became powerless, Jimmy used this opportunity to kill Danny.

Visiting Jackie Edit

After Jenny's death, Danny's spirit visited Jackie. He told him that Jenny's soul is in hell and Jackie must go there himself in order to save her. Danny then disappears leaving Jackie to think about his words.

Personality Edit

Danny was cold, sadistic criminal, that didn't valued life of other people. He was infamous in the underworld as the go to hitman. In Sonatine's eyes Danny was a degenerate who wasted his potential on drugs and prostitutes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Danny was a host of The Darkness.

  • Telekinesis: Danny used The Darkness to channel his will and slide an entire group of men across the ground and into an ally wall, knocking them unconscious.
  • Creation: Danny could create near-Human female Darklings to do his will.

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