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Cherub Hostile
Cherub Hostilek
Biographical information
  • Dark Hordes of Cherub Hostile
  • Cherubim






Character information

Conquistador (host)

Real World information
First appearance:

Vol. 1 Issue 34

The Cherub Hostile were a legion of cherubim, low-level angels, who had dedicated themselves making Earth into Eden, as it was meant to be, by returning every human soul to Purgatory. They appear in the Darkness comic.

Biography Edit

Early History Edit

At some point Cherub Hostile dedicated themselves making Earth into Eden, as it was meant to be, by returning every human soul to Purgatory. They needed a human vessel who would bring them to our world, and who would stand by while they searched for a weapon. Eventually a Spanish Conquistador who was looking for the Fountain of Youth. The cherubim made a deal with him, they would make Conquistador immortal while he would bring them to the human world. The man agreed and he was granted immortality.

The Search for the Weapon Edit

In a remote souvenir shop, in the middle of the night, Cherub Hostile, led by Conquistador attack and kill its owner Jebediah "Jed" Honkstein. One of the cherubim proclaims that the "sacred" site has been secured and they proceed to dig it. Eventually, Conquistador and Cherub Hostile find the weapon that can return every living soul on Earth to purgatory. Conquistador urges the cherubim to purge the Earth from humanity while regretting his decision to give his soul for the immortality.

The Battle with The Darkness Edit

As the sun risen, Cherub Hostile began their attack, but were stopped by Jackie Estacado summoning the Army of Darklings, which slaughter all the Cherub Hostile and kills its host Conquistador.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: The Legion were many thousands of years old and could have existed eternally had they not been slain.
  • Flight: Their wings allowed them flight.
  • Power Granting: They made their host immortal.

Gallery Edit

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