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Vol. 1 Issue 32

"The first twin sister of the Darkness... ever. Maybe I was born to be a monster. Maybe... maybe I never stood a chance."
Capris reflecting on herself. [src]

Capris Castiglione was the twin sister of Jackie Estacado and the first woman to host The Darkness, the daughter of Danny Estacado and an unknown prostitute.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Capris is the twin sister of Jackie Estacado. When she was born Capris was taken, at her mother's request, by Father Brendan who raised her away from her brother who the priest knew would be cursed upon his 21st birthday. The hope was that by separating the siblings they might spare Capris the fate that was destined for Jackie. Capris grew up a happy child and was raised by Father Brendan as his own daughter in a separate orphanage. Frankie Franchetti learned of Capris' and considered bringing her into their family but decided against it to spare her the ugly side of their lives after seeing how innocent she was.

The Murder of Bray Edit

One day after her 18th birthday Capris returned to the room she shared with her best friend and found her dead. While it appeared she committed suicide Capris did not believe this as Brooke had been so ecstatic that her life was going so well after finishing school and landing a good job. Capris and Father Brendan broke into the room and Capris removed her friends diary from its hiding place. They also found a video tape depicting Brooke and a public figure having sex.

The Sheriff opted not to follow up on the lead as he said it would cause a scandal.

After turning 21 Capris, like her older brother, inherited the powers of the darkness. As the younger sibling she did not inherit full use of it. She was found by Robert Bearclaw (Ripclaw) who trained her in the use of her abilities. Capris then sought revenge for the murder of her friend. She executed the producer, distributor, and star (the sheriff) for her friends death.

Meeting Jackie Edit

She later introduced herself to her older brother and told him where he could find Frankie who was being held by Lauren Franchetti, the (then current) Angelus. She also informed Jackie that they were siblings and if he had any doubts to ask Frankie when he saw the Don.

Capris is next seen watching over Ripclaw and Jackie while the two prepare to save the world. Capris contemplates taking all of Jackie's power for herself (IE: by impregnating herself with his child) but opts not to because that would destroy all the faith Robert has in her and she respects the cybernetic mutant too much for that to happen. She simply kisses her brother (exclaiming the man can kiss even when he's unconscious) and then is joined by Jenny, Ripclaw's fiance.

Conflict with Jackie Edit

Years later, as The Darkness began to arise within Jackie, Capris became possessed and seduced by The Darkness and tried to kill Jackie to have The Darkness for herself. Jackie was forced to kill her, stabbing her with his crystalized glove.

Total Darkness Edit

Capris was swallowed by the Darkness like all bearers before her. While Jackie was inside the Darkness, he encountered Capris. She didn't remember who she was, but she thought she recognized Jackie, Jackie told her who she was, before she was dissolved to be re-purposed by the Darkness.

Personality Edit

In her younger days, Capris was a god loving, good girl, that believed every day was a miracle. She had her faith and people that loved her, particularly Blair, her best friend and Father Brendan who she saw as a father figure.

After Capris friend is murdered, she shifts, becoming a more cruel person, that seeks only revenge for her friend. Full of hatred, she became a cold blooded killer who went on the hunt to kill everyone who had something to do with Blair's death. Although she was willing to let people live if they stay out of her way.

Capris also begins to yearn for the power of Darkness. She begins to think of ways of how to kill Jackie and get the power for herself, even at one point contemplating of having sex with Jackie, her biological brother in order to get pregnant with his child and thus gaining the Darkness. This yearning for power helped The Darkness to easily seduced and possessed Capris into trying to kill Jackie.

Apart Father Brendan, the only other person she ever respected was Robert Bearclaw. Grateful for the training and faith in her, she received from Robert, Capris was even willing to let Jackie go and don't take the Darkness for herself when they both were in ethereal plane.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Being female Capris held only a small portion of the essence of the Darkness.

  • Superhuman Strength: When the Darkness manifested through her fully it increased her strength to match her brother's.
  • Darkness Armor: She could manifest her own armor. The armor made her impervious to physical injuries and environmental hazards, increased her strength, and gave her claws and bladed "wings" to eviscerate her opponents.
  • Corrupting Blood: She could use her blood to corrupt others with the Darkness by letting them taste it.
  • Darkling Summoning: She could summon and telepathically control legions of Darklings.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Crystal Gauntlet
  • Sun Dagger
  • Aram
  • Strong Light

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being a Darkness user Capris is apparently not known to the Angelus or her host despite using her Darkness powers on many occasions.

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