Capris Castiglione
Biographical information






Character information
  • The Darkness (host)
  • Danny Estacado (father)
  • Jackie's Mother (mother)
  • Jackie Estacado (twin-brother)
  • Roberto Estacado (grandfather)
  • Adrienne Estacado (grandmother)
Real World information

Capris Castiglione was the twin sister of Jackie Estacado and the first woman to host The Darkness, the daughter of Danny Estacado and an unknown prostitute.

Biography Edit

She was separated from Jackie at birth and entrusted to Father Brendan. After her friend Blair was murdered, she disguised herself as a stripper; then tracked down and killed her friend's killers on the eve of her 21st birthday as The Darkness awoke within her. She met Native American Robert Bearclaw who trained her in how to use her powers. Years later, as The Darkness began to arise within Jackie, Capris became possessed and seduced by The Darkness and tried to kill Jackie to have The Darkness for herself. Jackie was forced to kill her, stabbing her with his crystalized glove.

Personality Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Being female Capris held only a small portion of the essence of the Darkness.

  • Superhuman Strength: When the Darkness manifested through her fully it increased her strength to match her brother's.
  • Darkness Armor: She could manifest her own armor. The armor made her impervious to physical injuries and environmental hazards, increased her strength, and gave her claws and bladed "wings" to eviscerate her opponents.
  • Corrupting Blood: She could use her blood to corrupt others with the Darkness by letting them taste it.
  • Darkling Summoning: She could summon and telepathically control legions of Darklings.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Crystal Gauntlet
  • Sun Dagger
  • Aram
  • Strong Light

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