Canal St. Subway Station is a hub area that appears in The Darkness. The station returns in The Darkness II as a level.


The Darkness Edit

Canal St Subway Station the darkness

Canal Street station in the Darkness

In some parts of the game, you will have to go to a subway station. The Subway serves as the hub world. There are two subway stations, Canal street and Fulton St. You will need to go to the subway station to either call up someone or go somewhere. The player is unable to use The Darkness in the subway station because there is a lot of lights and The Darkness has no interest in killing civilians. Side Quests and secret phone numbers can be found in the subway station.

The Darkness II Edit

Canal St. Subway Station returns in The Darkness II as a level where Jackie fights members of the Brotherhood. After the fight Jackie never returns to the subway station ever again during the game.


The DarknessEdit

The Darkness IIEdit